Choose Article Titles that Bring in the Catch

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Article titles are one of the most important, if not the most important part of articles. Why do I say that?  

Simply put, it is your title that gets your article read, period. There are no two ways about it. If your title is, to put it very kindly, not captivating enough, no one is going to feel inclined to read it.

Often, when a reader is scanning through a series of articles to read, they look at the titles. They often have no time to read the little juicy descriptions that accompany these titles. The article whose title captivates their attention is the one that gets the click. The rest get ignored.

So that is how important it is to choose a killer title. If you make your living by writing articles, it could make the difference between success and failure, between riches and destitution. See how much of your life can be determined by a title?

Below are some characteristic of a good title:


Now let us discuss these in further detail.


  1. It is of the appropriate length
  2. Yes, article titles should be of the appropriate length: not too long and not too short. By appropriate length, I am talking about a length that can allow the reader to get the message at one glance. If the title is so long that it appears like a paragraph, your reader will most likely skip it and proceed to the next one below that.

    Mm hmm. A very long title tends to make itself invisible. Remember, there are a lot of articles out there, from thousands of writers. All you have to convince a reader to consider your well grafted article is a glance at most. So, in that one glance you should aim to convey your message to your reader and convince her that it is your article that she needs to read and no other.

    Look at the title of this article for instance. Is it not true that just at one glance, you get the message?

    Choose Article Titles that bring in the Catch

  3. It promises to Answer the Reader’s Question

    When people are browsing the internet, they look for answers to their questions. They look for solutions to their problems. Often, when they type in words in the search engine, they have a question in mind, and as they look at the search engine results, they are saying to themselves:

    “Which of these is the answer to my question?”

    So your responsibility is to come up with a title that promises to answer your reader’s question. Yes, your article should be full of promise, promise that you will solve their questions, promise that you will be the solution to their problems.

    Therefore, the secret is to phrase your titles as if they are actually answers to the questions your readers are asking. Try to imagine the kind of questions people would ask about the particular topic you are writing.

    As an example, imagine that you want to write an article in which you want to offer advice on dating. Ask yourself:

    “What kind of questions are people asking about dating?”

    “What answers are they looking for?”

    Once you’ve established the questions people ask, and the particular answers they seek, you are in a better position to come up with article titles that will captivate their attention.

    Here are some of the questions which people would ask about dating:


    “How can I make a girl like me?”

    “How can I get a guy to notice that I exist?”


    Now, think of articles titles for the articles where you provide an answer to each of these questions. Here are my suggestions of article titles that not only answer the question, but also have a lot of promise in them:


    How you can make yourself irresistible to Girls

    How to make guys fight for You


  5. It paints a True Picture of what your Article is about
  6. Your article titles should paint true pictures of what your articles are about. Remember, your goal, apart from getting your articles read is to create credibility for yourself and to make a good name for yourself.

    If you do not live up to your promises, your readers are bound to find out. In the long run, they will lose their faith in you and whenever they come across your article, they will be like:

    “Oh, it’s that guy who promises a lot but says nothing.”

    And they will skip your article, just like that.

    And obviously, that is not what you want, is it? So once you choose a title, make sure that your content is consistent with the article. If there is one thing that we all hate, it is people who make a lot of promises but do not deliver.

    So bottom line? When you promise something in your title, live up to your promise by delivering relevant content.


  7. It is unusual
  8. Unusual? Yes, you read right.

    A catchy title is the one that stands out from the crowd, something that is a bit different.

    Now what exactly do I mean?

    Here is what I mean: Avoid using clichéd terms in your article, or terms that are so overused that they lose their impact. The use of such terms will make your title sound boring, and hardly anyone will feel inclined to click on it.

    Try something new, something with flare and passion to it.

    Yes, people are always looking for solutions to everyday problems that they encounter, but here is where you have to be careful. They are not just looking for everyday solutions. They are looking for new solutions; workable new solutions to their problems.

    So don’t sound like everywhere else. Sound new; sound different; sound unique.

    When scrolling through a directory of articles, or article titles, a reader will definitely be looking for something different, and probably she will be saying this about the bulk of articles:

    “Oh, I have read that before.”


    “I already know that.”

    Remember, your goal is not really to write something totally different, but to tackle familiar topics from another, fresher angle so that you reader will say:

    Hey, I’ve never heard of this!”


    “This sounds interesting, alright.”

    And kaaaching!

    Your article is read.


    For example, when writing about the age old problem of getting over a broken heart, instead of saying something like:

    “How to get over a broken Heart”

    You could say:

    “Conquering a Broken Heart in Style.”

    Sounds different alright, perhaps even a little weird, but believe me,  it will get your article read, and you’ll be a winner!


If you follow these suggestions, you are on your way to writing killer articles that, ahem, bring in the kill…

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